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We help management professionals improve their performance through innovation in processes, systems, and strategies

  • Practice Management Course

    Strategy Guide to Practice Management
    • Human Resources
    • Employee Management
    • Physician Management
    • Clinic Problems
    • Understand the Revenue Cycle
  • Intermediate Course

    A more thorough look into Practice Management.
    • All strategies from Practice Management course included
    • Staff Management discipline, difficult conversations, PIP's
    • Staff Management and efficiency, Team building & Culture
    • Revenue Cycle a closer look, in house and outsourced
    • Operations, Processes, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Best Value

    Advanced Course

    An in depth look at mastery, growth & planning
    • Assessing and Benchmarking a Practice
    • Financial projections, Compensation & Incentivizing
    • Contracts for professional staff and contractors
    • Patient Acquisition and Marketing
    • Become and Expert in the field of Practice Management
    • Employee Management HR, Discipline, Compliance
    • Employee Management Motivation, Retention, Incentivizing
    • Employee Management Leadership, Evals, Raises, Promotions
    • Patient Satisfaction, Evaluation Methods & Tools
    • Operations Increasing Production and Services
    • Physician Burn Out and Management
  • All Inclusive

    All Three Courses PM, Intermediate & Advanced
    • A Complete Guide

Other Special Courses

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